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Air Travel

Decide for yourself which airline or flight is suitable for you, or let us help you with your decision.

With our partner agencies you can choose from a variety of airlines, flights and other details, regardless if you fly economy, business or first class.

We provide ticketing services for international and domestic and provide you with the flexibility you need for your trip.

In addition, ANPAI can also make visa arrangements; provide airport-pickup and local transportation services, all of these services can be included in your personalized package.


ANPAI guarantees you an individual offer and personal service at any time.








To enable you to make the most of your time abroad, we will find the right hotel for you, as near as possible to your business partner or activity you are planning. Enjoy luxurious Five-Star hotels with spa, entertainment, massage services, and all other amenities that let you relax after a hard day of work. Furthermore, you can enjoy world class dining and international/ local cuisine throughout your trip.

For those who want to keep costs down, we can also provide budget hotels with good service, friendly staff and local or international cuisine.
The choice is yours, and we will provide whatever standard is suitable for you. We have long-term relationships with several hotels in order to provide you best possible service and price.

And of course, we are always on call if there are any questions or issues to resolve. Just call your personal assistant and we will do our best to resolve any issue that may arise.

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