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You can buy anything in China cheaper then anywhere else in the world.
However, you still have to keep the same principles in mind. Meaning you should know the price of the goods as well as how to deal with the sellers.  At ANPAI we can help. We would like to show you personally how shopping in China becomes a delightful experience.
Together with our Chinese colleagues you will get better prices and products that you can bring back home. No matter where you go shopping.

ANPAI is the right shopping partner in a non-transparent market place.





Food is a major topic for conversation in China. You will notice that there is almost no other topic that Chinese like to discuss more. In Beijing and Shanghai you can enjoy almost any cuisine you like, no matter if you prefer Chinese cuisine or intercontinental.

In addition to our nose for the right restaurant, you can also take advantage of our experience with regard to knowing what to order. This transforms Chinese food from an adventure no one is willing to take to delightful experience that's not to be missed.

After a few days of unfamiliar Chinese cuisine, one also likes to have the food you know. Therefore we can also show you Italian, Indian, German, American and many other restaurants that will suit your taste.

ANPAI helps you to arrange your dinner and give you insider tips about the best places to go. The only problem might be you won’t like the Chinese restaurants back home anymore! 





You might have proved your drinking and singing skills in a Karaoke-bar already with your Chinese colleagues or partners.

Beside this amusement, there are hundreds of bars, discos and clubs in the major cities.

We are always up to date and can tell you which music act or other attraction is going on.

We also would like to introduce comfortable coffee shops and small bars with live music that normally only locals know about.

What we don’t want is for you to spend your evenings alone in your hotel simply because you don’t know where to go and how to get back!

ANPAI helps you to arrange your evening programme with dinner and clubbing, this way you can make the most of your time in China.



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