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China’s ancient history and culture is overwhelmingly abundant. Its fast development, which you can see in mega-cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. This country is known for those two extremes, which live side by side.
During sightseeing trips in Beijing’s Forbidden City you can feel the power of the past Chinese emperor and a trip to the Great Wall can open your eyes to the powers that once were. Visiting Xi’an, the city of Terracotta Army of the first emperor of China can also be a thrilling experience. You can book a Yangtse Rive Cruise and see the marvel of the Three Gorges Dam as you float from Chengdu to Shanghai.




In addition to the above, there are many more destinations which are off the beaten path but just as intriguing and overwhelming.

By using ANPAI you will enjoy exploring these sites with ease and comfort, you will see China’s interesting and impressive sides, and forget about many of the inherit difficulties of travelling. 

Let us know what you whish to see, we can also make additional suggestions based on your personal criteria.  Please feel free to contact one of our professional travel consultants today!






Besides sightseeing in different cities, we can also arrange a full service round-trip through China. Depending on your requirements, this could be a quick and fascinating insight into China’s culture and landscapes or a tour of it’s newly developed cities. You can tell us whatever your preferences and we will take care of transportation and accommodation.




You can visit Beijing, China’s capital and cultural centre, or Shanghai and Hong Kong, the vibrant cities with astonishing sky-scrapers and modern nightlife. Or you can visit the south-western provinces with their stunning nature and beautiful handicrafts and people.

Just tell us your budget and time frame and we provide you with a proposal for an unforgettable journey through China. If you like to we can also accompany you on your journey, making communication and orientation easy.

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